Where Link eats his food

Cafe Zelda I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago, and was walking around downtown Newport, Rhode Island. Imagine my surprise when I walked by a restaurant store front and did a double take. Cafe Zelda Could that really be the name of the restaurant? Did they know how enticing it was to gamers? I checked the menu -- but there were no Sausage Links, or Wine du Ocarina, nor any Princess Burger. But, it made my day a little happier to think about the possibilities.

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3 Responses to Where Link eats his food

  1. sneJ says:

    I saw a "Zelda's Restaurant" on the beachfront in Capitola, California while on vacation last month. It didn't have any obvious connections to the games, either.

  2. Doug Orleans says:

    I was going to make a joke about Zelda Fitzgerald, but then I read this: "Davis named the establishment Café Zelda, after F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife and her influence in creating the roaring 20's lifestyle."

  3. Miyamoto has said that he named his game after Ms. Fitzgerald, as well. Only so many inspirational Zeldas to go around, I suppose.

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