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Go Euro Games!

My friend Devon Weller and I were at Barcamp Nashville and after attending some sessions we saw that there was a Impromptu session room, and it had a couple of open slots. We decided that we wanted to talk up EuroGames and to help build the local gaming community. Mainly, to try to introduce people to the awesome world of great board games. We came up with a talk during lunch, and even got some great slides! You can see the slides we did below. Feel free to steal our slides to talk up your own local games. We think everyone should try to introduce as many people as possible to the world of great euro games (we do include all games even the ones invented here). Why? Because they are awesome! We hope to give this talk again, and hope to refine it. Anyone have comments on how to get people interested in just trying games?

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Where Link eats his food

Cafe Zelda I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago, and was walking around downtown Newport, Rhode Island. Imagine my surprise when I walked by a restaurant store front and did a double take. Cafe Zelda Could that really be the name of the restaurant? Did they know how enticing it was to gamers? I checked the menu -- but there were no Sausage Links, or Wine du Ocarina, nor any Princess Burger. But, it made my day a little happier to think about the possibilities.

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