Free Online Game Design Course

Ian Schreiber is doing a free online game design course this summer. It's open to everyone, and you can either just follow along on the blog or actually sign up and get some additional material by email. He doesn't specifically mention the title in his post, but I'm sure the book he's using is the one he wrote recently with Brenda Brathwaite, Challenges for Game Designers: Non-Digital Exercises for Video Game Designers.

So, if you've played many games and want to get an idea of what goes into designing them, check out the blog or sign up for the course.

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9 Responses to Free Online Game Design Course

  1. Gaming courses says:

    If you are seriously interested in gaming career then I will suggest you to take a certain course for moving ahead because a degree or diploma will always help you to get better job.

  2. mohammad farooq shaikh says:

    i m so much interested in this field!

  3. Justin Quinones says:

    Hi my name is Justin and i was wondering how this works and im like really big into games and also making games and how there made. i would really love to take this course so i can someday make a game that everybody will love.

  4. Clarence Clutts says:

    I have always dreamed of making games, bata testing, or even being a game tester. I would really like to find out more about this.

  5. Md. Tanvir Hossain says:

    I am very interested to make a games.

  6. Dallas says:

    I am very interested in this field

  7. Oscar Martinez says:

    im BA graduate but im really bored with my life and want to follow my passion into this field :) im really interested!

  8. I see we are getting a steady stream of comments on this post. If I were cynical, I would think it was because of the words "free online" in the title, rather than the content.

    Sadly, this three-year-old post is not a good question-and-answer forum. We hope you enjoy the link; but if you're interested in the subject, you should be following Ian Schreiber's posts or current posts on this blog.

    EDIT-ADD (July 2): Right, fine. Further "i want to work in this field" comments on this post will be treated as spam. Please make your boilerplate more interesting than that.

  9. Earnest Williams says:

    I will like to sign up for the class. Please provide info.

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