A more accessible PandA

logo.jpgI only a few days ago got around to cracking open the latest (April) issue of Puzzles and Answers magazine (a publication we've mentioned on this blog before), and noticed an interesting format adjustment - its editor and constructor, Foggy Brume, has decided to lead in each issue with several pages of stand-alone puzzles. The entrée of each issue continues to be an "extravaganza," a thematically linked series of more difficult puzzles with a meta-puzzle topper.

Since I became a regular reader/solver last year, I've noted that Foggy's been moving in this direction over the last few issues; not long ago he started introducing a page or two of easier warm-up word puzzles before getting into each issue's main course. I approve of this change, which I hope makes the magazine more accessible to a wider audience of solvers without alienating its current readership.

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