A little rot13 followup

A couple of quick followup links from my post about using rot13 for game spoilers:

  • K. Adam White wrote a jQuery plugin that gives JavaScript developers a trivial way to add rot13 features to their applications.

  • Becca Turner has a simple bookmarklet that runs text you select in a browser window through a rot13 rotator. Works for me in Mac Chrome, but alas not in Safari. (You can find plenty of other folks’ own rot13 bookmarklets through the obvious Google search, as well.)

My dream remains seeing rot13 encoding as a one-keystroke command on native Twitter clients outside of web browsers, but between then and now lies the task of making many more of my fellow blabbermouth game-fans appreciate this new application of an old hack. So, onpx gb jbex.

(The obvious fix-it-yourself solution here involves writing a plugin, which ought to fall within my means — but alas, there doesn’t seem to be much of an ecology for plugin-supporting Twitter clients, at least among any that I’ve heard much about.)

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