Apollo 18+20: The IF Tribute Album (now playing)

A very quick note, as Kevin has gone to bed:

The Apollo 18+20 IF album is now live. Most of the games are playable in your web browser; they can all be downloaded and played in your IF interpreter tool of choice.

This after ten minutes of work by me and three months by Kevin. So benificence upon him and all the album contributors. Also thanks to Ryan Veeder for the cover artwork.

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One Response to Apollo 18+20: The IF Tribute Album (now playing)

  1. Laroquod says:

    The PR-IF page has been tweeted by Engadget to its following of 400,000 — I don't even follow that Engadget account, but someone else I follow on Twitter who is not very focused on IF retweeted Engadget's mention without being aware of my involvement, so that's a sign of some pretty good exposure on this thing...


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