Zombie Cow is now Size Five

The indie studio responsible for two of my favorite recent adventure games, Ben There, Dan That and Time, Gentlemen, Please, has changed its name away from “Zombie Cow Studios”:

The trouble with picking a ‘funny’ name for your company, as I’ve discovered, is that it gets exponentially less funny with time. It was awkward to say out loud in front of grown-ups, and it made my heart sink every time someone mentioned the name of my company. That’s no way to go through life!

So here you have it: welcome to SIZE FIVE GAMES.

Right on.

If you dig adventures and toilet humor as much as I do, you really must play the two Ben & Dan games, by the way. The whole field of comedic Lucasarts-style adventures has been quite tired for a long, long time, but I found these games to rise above it. (Even as they sink far, far lower than many of their contemporaries have dared.) Greg Costikyan sums it up well in this review.

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2 Responses to Zombie Cow is now Size Five

  1. It is their choice to make. But I do not celebrate the discarding of silly names.

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