Administrivia: We cleaned up the comments feed

The Gameshelf has long featured an RSS feed of comments. We have enough (excellent and lovely) readers to continually collect insightful public response, but too few readers to have long threads rapidly appear on most posts. The comments feed provides a nice way to catch all the conversation here despite its relaxed pace.

Unfortunately, one of the less-nice outcomes from this blog’s recent transition from Movable Type to Melody was the old comment-spam filter failing to make the jump across. This resulted in the comments feed becoming rather less readable than it used it be; even though our CAPTCHA keeps the bots out, we still get a trickle of lovingly hand-pasted spam from one SEO-stained wretch or another making their daily rounds.

Thanks to some helpful folks manning the Melody support desk, I managed to get TypePad AntiSpam off the ground, and it’s been running successfully for several days. So, please feel free to subscribe — or resubscribe, if the spam had already chased you away.

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