A XYZZY reminder

Voting in the 2010 XYZZY Awards — the Oscars of interactive fiction! — closes this evening (Friday, Feb. 25), at midnight Pacific time. The awards ceremony will happen precisely twelve hours later on IFMud.

I feel it worth the last-minute reminder due to the Gameshelfish notability of this year’s contest: both of this blog’s two main authors have works nominated in the “Best Game” category. (And then Zarf has gone ahead and collected six more nominations across two games and a JavaScript library, because Zarf.) The names of many Friends of the Shelf also appear in that list, and all told it’s the final hoorah for one heck of a calendar year for this wordy corner of the videogame medium.

Anyone can vote, via the web interface. The contest organizers assure me that submitting partial ballots is A-OK, so even if you’ve (played/read/used) only a fraction of the (games/books/resources) up for awards, I encourage you to vote just the same, sticking to the categories you’re comfortable with.

Best of luck to all nominees!

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