[Boston] People's Republic of IF Meetup, Monday, September 27

Our September meetup will be on Monday, September 27, at the usual time (6:30, with migration to CBC for food/drink around 8 or so) and at the usual place (the Trope Tank, aka 14N-233 on the MIT campus). We don’t have any kind of official agenda as of yet, but here are some things we might discuss:

  • Aaron Reed’s book is out, so we’ll probably discuss it some.
  • The Tufts University IF month is coming up (October), and various of us are helping out in various ways, so we’ll probably discuss that.
  • And, as usual, we’ll likely just yammer on about IF in particular and games in general.
Everyone is welcome, no matter your experience level with IF. If you have something particular you’d like to discuss or share with the group, feel free to do so. Note that we also have a mailing list, which is linked from our website.

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