[Boston] People's Republic of IF Meetup, Monday, August 30

Our August meetup will be on Monday, August 30, at 6:30 in 14N-233 at the MIT campus. See our website for more details about the group. This month’s agenda:

  • We’ll be the first to check out a new adventure game from GAMBIT.
  • We may check out a few bits of GET LAMP.
  • If it’s out in time, we’ll likely flip through some of the new book on writing IF, Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7.
  • We’ll play the IntroComp 2010 games that we didn’t get to last month, and we’ll discuss the results of the competition (which came out this past weekend).
  • If our Tufts contingent is represented, we’ll talk about how planning for IF month at Tufts (October) is coming along.
As usual, around 8 or 8:30, we’ll head over to the CBC to continue the discussion over food and/or drinks.

All are welcome, and please feel free to come with your own suggestions for things to do/discuss.

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