People's Republic of IF Meetup, Monday, July 26

It’s that time again. We’ll be having our monthly meetup at 6:30 on Monday, July 26, at the MIT campus in 14N-233. See our website for more details about the group. On the agenda so far we have:

  • Talk about how Zarf’s Readercon talk went and what we might want to do regarding other local conventions.
  • Take a look at some of the IntroComp games.
  • Talk about what we might want to do for PAX East 2011 (it’s been confirmed for Boston for the next 3 years).
  • Watch the latest Gameshelf episode! We’ll be watching the YouTube-sized Gameshelf #8: Modern Interactive Fiction.
As usual, we’ll head to Cambridge Brewing Company afterwards (usually around 8:00 or 8:30) for food and/or drink and more informal discussion.

And as always, everyone is welcome, even if you don’t know anything about interactive fiction and just want to sit and observe.

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