The Silver Lining, Cease & Desist

Long story short: a group of King's Quest fans has put in about 8 years of work on a non-commercial fan game in the King's Quest line. They worked out an agreement with Vivendi Universal to be able to continue making the game, with a name change to The Silver Lining. Activision now owns the King's Quest IP, and, after several months of talks and negotiations, they have told the group to stop working on the game and to take down their forums. Not wanting legal problems, the group had to comply.

Their webpage gives a fuller account.

There is a new, empty forum up for fans to talk to each other, and there is also a petition to save the game.

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One Response to The Silver Lining, Cease & Desist

  1. Graham of Daventry says:

    What is happening at The Silver Lining's website?

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