Kotaku #syndicated

My most recent Monday column, "The Silver Age", was reprinted (with my permission) on the popular video game fansite Kotaku. I extend my thanks to that site for the recognition, and welcome to the wave of Kotakans visiting The Gameshelf for the first time. Our taste in game studies runs a bit more eclectic here, but I hope that you'll find some interesting stuff regardless.

Meanwhile, longtime Gameshelf readers might be interested to learn about Kotaku's #syndicated tag, an apparently new effort by that site to gather and repeat the signal-strength from a variety of offsite sources, many of whom are very experienced and insightful voices in modern game criticism. I am humbled to have my dorky gum-flapping about Spider-Man appear in the same context as thoughtful columns from Ian Bogost, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, and Brenda Brathwaite. Other topics include a Q-and-A about video game translation, and the use of syncopation in the Super Mario Bros. theme.

I am happy to see that the tag has its own full-text, ad-free RSS feed, too, making it an easy way to receive a regular dose of smart game commentary from a wide mix of writers. Check it out.

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