[Boston] PR-IF (aka Boston IF) Meetup, April 12

We're post-PAX, and we should all be fully recovered by Monday, April 12. Come join us at 6:30 in Nick Montfort's office at MIT, 14N-233.

The big news is that we're now officially the People's Republic of Interactive Fiction, and we have a cool new website, thanks to the efforts of Michael Hilborn and Andrew Plotkin. Mostly what's there now are meeting announcements and a big red "PLAY" button where you can play a sampling of IF games on the web.

Right now, it looks like the meetup will mostly focus on PAX and the website. Here's a tentative agenda:

  • Talk about PAX. Lots of good stuff happened there, so there will be lots to talk about.
  • Talk about the PRIF Hospitality Suite. This was the focus of IF activity at PAX, and it was certainly the best part of PAX for a lot of us.
  • Play some of the PAX Speed IF games. There was a Speed IF run at PAX, where 9 games were made in a short amount of time.
  • Discuss the PRIF website. Now that we've got our spiffy new website, what do we want to do with it? There was a lot of talk at PAX about IF outreach, and maybe we can find a way to fit into that.

As usual, we'll head to the Cambridge Brewing Company after the meetup to continue the conversation over food and/or drink.

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