JayIsGames IF competition opens

The 7th Casual Gameplay Design Competition, hosted by JayIsGames has just begun. That's thirty new short-form IF games, around the theme of "escape". All are playable online on the competition page.

This is one of the first big modern-IF events to occur outside the IF community. (The extended federation of IF communities, I should say, since there are many.) This comp has clearly gotten the attention of IF regulars; I see several familiar names on the game page -- Stephen Granade, Jim Aikin, Jim Munroe, among others -- as well as many who are entirely new to me. I am keen to find out both what the new authors are writing, and how the new players react to (what I think of as) the established talents of the field.

Voting is open for the next three weeks, and anyone can vote (you have to sign up). Enjoy.

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4 Responses to JayIsGames IF competition opens

  1. Andrew Plotkin says:

    Note that several people are reporting problems playing certain games with the "Flash" interpreter options. "Javascript" seems to be working for everybody.

    (These are two separate Z-code interpreters. The Javascript one is slower and not as convenient for saving games. Unfortunately, it's the one that works.)

  2. Andrew Plotkin says:

    Update: the Flash interpreter has been given a bug fix, which (reportedly) solves the problems people have been having.

  3. gruelove says:

    No. Sorry, but i'm still having problems with the Flash interpreter.

    Thought it was a problem with the game i was playing, but the 'no responce at all - just jumps to the next line with a prompt' problem(bug?) is still happening. Happened in a few of the games now.

    Think i'll switch to the javascript for now.

  4. Kevin Jackson-Mead says:

    Note that you can also download the Z-code file and play it in whatever interpreter you want (Spatterlight, Gargoyle, etc.).

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