Planet M.U.L.E.

Update: I've gotten the chance to play this game myself, now. Read the review here.

According to a press release I received this morning, a long-rumored game based on the classic extraplanetary economic game M.U.L.E. will be released within the next couple of weeks, from publisher Blue Systems and developer Turborilla:
This has been made possible by an agreement between Meldannic (former Ozark Softscape) and Blue Systems.

Planet Mule is completely free and preferably played by four
players simultaneously. It is a peaceful game focusing on
economic strategies, in a world of crisp retro graphics.

The game will be released on December 6th.
There is a countdown in progress on the Planet Mule web site.
Countdown and teaser concept art at

The game will be available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

I'd been in email communication earlier this year with Melanie Bunten Stark, daughter of M.U.L.E. designer Dan Bunten and one of the founders of Meldannic, so I know this is something she and her two co-founding siblings have been working on for a while. It's exciting to see it moving forward.

While we here at the Gameshelf have a rocky relationship with countdown clocks, we wish the best of luck to the Buntens and the Planet M.U.L.E. team for a successful and prosperous launch. Definitely looking forward to playing this, myself.

See also the Gameshelf episode that featured a review of the original M.U.L.E., and a YouTube excerpt of just that review.

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6 Responses to Planet M.U.L.E.

  1. Gaming courses says:

    I heard that it will release in December. I must say there are too many rumors I also heard about it..

  2. Tim Harrison says:

    Can you put me in touch with Melanie Bunten Stark? I have some very important news to share with her regarding the intellectual property rights of M.U.L.E.

    I've also been working on a M.U.L.E. inspired boardgame, and I'd love to discuss the possibility of officially licensing the name.

  3. Homechicken says:

    I've been waiting for so long to hear this, and a multi-platform release just made my day!

  4. Jason McIntosh says:


    Allow me to point you at Melanie's website:

  5. Jon F says:

    A M.U.L.E. boardgame has already been made:

  6. Tim Harrison says:

    I am aware of Planet Steam. While beautiful, its gameplay is lacking imho. It is missing many of the elements that make M.U.L.E. what is is. And it costs an arm and a leg.

    Wealth of Nations was also inspire by M.U.L.E., but it too is missing a lot.

    Plenty of room for more.

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