Spoiled by GemCraft?

Just a little post to note that I may have been spoiled by GemCraft. I tried out a new tower defense game recommended by Jay is Games, Silver Maze. The problem I have with it is that it's really more like a puzzle game. Each level pretty much has one strategy that you need to use to beat it, and the trick is in finding that strategy. With something like GemCraft, there generally several strategies you can use to beat a level, and you can also level up and get more ability points in order to be a bit more powerful in tackling a level that you can't seem to beat otherwise. In Silver Maze, yes you can combine towers in different ways, but you're basically stuck from moving on until you figure out which kind of towers you need to build and where you should place them. I played through a few of those, doing it over several times until I hit on it. But after my fourth time on yet another level, it just stops being fun, and so I stopped playing it.

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