Spelunky: out of beta, heading to XBLA

Derek Yu's jawdropping Spelunky, a mechanical mashup of Nethack with a 2D platformer, has finally hit version 1.0 and is celebrating with a real homepage (its homepage before now was a forum thread somewhere), and the news that it will show up on Xbox Live Arcade in 2010. Congratulations on your excellent work, Derek, and props to Microsoft for picking a winner, too!

The game runs on Windows, and, sadly, doesn't work under emulation on a Mac, at least not my MacBook running VMWare; it needs special graphics-card voodoo that doesn't pass through. But if you can run Windows natively, you really should give this game a spin. Or 20 spins. (It's short and you die a lot, but I guarantee you'll die in a new and thoroughly entertaining way each time.)

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4 Responses to Spelunky: out of beta, heading to XBLA

  1. Karl von L. says:

    I assume you mean "virtualization", not "emulation", because an Intel Mac is a PC that can run Windows natively. There's no need to emulate any hardware. Unless of course you're using a PowerPC-based MacBook. </nitpick>

  2. Andrew Plotkin says:

    It's called "emulation" these days.

  3. Damien Neil says:

    For what it's worth, Spelunky works perfectly well in VMWare for me.

  4. Cool, Damien! I am under the vague impression that if I had a MacBook Pro, with a more buff graphics card, then VMWare would be able to utilize it more fully. But as it stands, I've never gotten any Game Maker game (such as Spelunky) to run through it.

    It plays just fine if I reboot entirely into Windows!

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