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  1. Andrew Plotkin says:

    Okay, the Race expansion looks droolworthy.

    I was expecting to find the "take over planets" system repulsive, since I love building my little sandcastles and get unreasonably annoyed when other people kick them over. (If you don't know this about me, then good. I try not to let it out.)

    *But*, in fact, the designers seem to have built something I want to try! There's a "PvP is opt-in" principle. And while your cards may impel you towards opting in -- that is, towards a strategy that opts you in -- that implies that you have good military, which means you can *win* the PvP element. So I might decide to stay peaceable in most games, but sometimes I might dive in and get all warlike on a whim. Which is pretty much the way I play Race anyhow; I stick to obvious strategies most of the time, but sometimes I jump on a risky path to see how it'll turn out.

    So, basically, I think I'm going enjoy that.

    As for the rest, they keep on making the strategy deeper and adding more cool card variations. I guess it's not deep bloggy analysis to say we're all in favor of that. :)

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