Gameshelf on Twitter, more or less

I'm sitting on a rumbling pile of Gameshelf show news that isn't quite ready to announce yet. In the meantime, allow me to say that I've become a Twitter convert, and you can read my daily steam-venting @jasonmcintosh. Feel free to construct your own narrative about what the heck I'm working on based on a reverse-time reading of my 140-character burbles.

Should I make a separate twitter account for The Gameshelf? I'm thinking it needs one for sure only if the show gets back into a regular production cycle. Until then, you'll have to content yourself with the ramblings of its producer, and the fact that he's just as likely to talk about delicious ham sandwiches and dorky web technologies as he is about games or do-it-yourself TV production. (But I do tweet a lot about that stuff, too.)

P.S.: Gameshelf cast and bloggers should feel free to share their Twitter IDs and links in comments to this post, if they wish. My pre-Web2.0 sense of propriety prevents me from doing it for them!

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