GDC: The Game

For GDC this year, Jim Munroe (novelist, author of the IF work Everybody Dies, and all-around cool guy) was commissioned by GameSetWatch to write a piece of IF (or, as he calls it, interactive non-fiction) about the GDC experience. It's a short little thing, more of a social simulator than a traditional IF game. Talking with Jim, I know that he wants to do similar kinds of things with NPCs in his future IF work, and having played with this, I'm excited to see this kind of thing done in a more fictiony piece of IF.

You can play GDC: The Game via a Java applet or via Parchment, or you can download the Z-code file and play it in whatever interpreter you wish. You can also read all of his posts from GDC about his experience, including his early thoughts about the game.

And if you play the game, you can type "CREDITS" to see my name as an alpha tester. And if you look carefully at all of the names of the testers, you will see that they have been used for the names of the NPCs in the game, which is pretty cool.

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