If you haven't read Order of the Stick, I highly recommend that you go read it (it will likely take you at least a few days to get through the 600+ pages that currently exist). It's a stick-figure comic about a group of Dungeons & Dragons characters. It's hilarious, and it's also a really good story.

A few years ago, the creator of Order of the Stick started hosting a new comic, Erfworld. It takes place in a world where a turn-based strategy wargame is the reality. People think in turns and how much move they have left. People can see other people's stats. The terrain is divided into hexes. And everything is cute and pulls in references from all sorts of things from our world (games, movies, Internet culture, etc.). In the beginning, one of the sides needs a new warlord, and they end up summoning someone from our world, someone who plays turn-based strategy games (apparently tabletop ones, as shown in the comic, rather than video game ones), who is obsessed with them, in fact. The comic is all about how he learns how the world works and tries to come up with a winning strategy.

I stopped reading it after the first several strips, because I found it really difficult to keep up with a comic with a continuing story (that doesn't have a gag every strip) that had a new page come out once per week. However, the 150-page (plus a dozen bonus pages) Book 1 has come to an end, so I went back and read the whole thing in the past couple of days. It's a very different experience from Order of the Stick, but it's also a really great story, and getting to know this game world is pretty neat, too. Apparently they encourage fan works, and there is a fan-made video game project in the works.

Erfworld now has its own website, and Book 2 is scheduled to begin in the fall.

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