IFWM: My Week 4 Assignment

(See Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.)

The final week's assignment was to add at least one custom verb that contributes to the story in some way. The secondary part of the assignment was to make the story polished and try to run it by at least one beta tester.

So, the verb part I had done in Week 2 ("pluck" and "scoop", although I also allowed you to do the same thing with "get"). I spent a little bit of time, though, implementing another verb and some fun stuff around that. I won't go into too much detail in case you want to try it for yourself in the game.

And then that was pretty much the time I spent on it this week for various reasons. However, I did have one observation, which likely made this week worth it. It was that I spent about an hour coding something that, in my vision of the complete game, wouldn't be necessary to win. In fact, it only lead to another way to lose. However, I think it was worthwhile for two reasons. First, it was fun to code. Second, it is something that would add a little depth to the final game if someone were to try to do something suggested by the room description. And I think this could be a quality that I want to keep in other games that I make. I want to have things that contribute to the depth of the world, even if they aren't essential to "winning" the game and even if most people probably won't run into them. They make the game more interesting for me (which hopefully will help the game get finished in the first place) and reward the curious player.

So, anyway, you can play my Week 4 submission. It's pretty much the same as last week's, except that you can do a few more things to David, and there's an object in the living room you can mess with. Same way to win as last week, but there are a few more ways to lose.

And I'll take this opportunity to thank Lea for running IFWM. It got me and a handful of other people writing IF when we might not have ever gotten around to it otherwise. If you haven't done so, I highly recommend checking out all of the assignments, since there is a lot of good material in them.

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