IFWM: My Week 3 Assignment

(See Week 1 and Week 2.)

You can check out everyone's Week 2 assignments. If you don't check them all out, I highly recommend at least Octopus's Garden by mhilborn and Grocery Shopping by Squinky.

Our assignment for Week 3 was to create an NPC and have that NPC be crucial to winning the story. As usual, I spent more time on the recommended reading than I did on the assignment itself. After having heard about it all over the place, I finally played Galatea by Emily Short, and it's highly recommended.

I was away at a conference most of this week, so I only ended up spending a couple of hours on my assignment. It is therefore very simple. I kept my Week 2 assignment as the first act and added a second act. I had grand plans for making a wandering NPC with scripted events, but that just didn't happen. I figured it was best to actually complete something simple than to give up and not turn something in this week. I'm using IFWM to just get something done, even if it isn't very exciting; I'm hoping that doing that will give me enough motivation to continue in the exciting world of interactive fiction.

Anyway, enough with the disclaimer. You can play my Week 3 submission thanks to Parchment.

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