The return of

I am pleased to announce the return of, a mirror of the Interactive Fiction Archive hosted on my own webserver.

The IF-Archive is a repository of all things interactive fiction, as vast in content as it is austere in appearance. It includes all examples of the art that the IF community's volunteer librarians can get their hands on - from ancient games of the 1970s, through text games' Internet-enabled reawakening in the 1990s, to brand-new works. It also contains downloadable software used to create IF games, as well as Usenet discussions, magazine articles, and other variously sourced information related to the medium.

The archive has the visual appeal of a website that just stepped off the bus from 1993, but its purpose leans more towards preservation and organization than presentation. The links found under its front page's "New to IF?" section all lead to friendlier articles and resources found around the web, including Baf's Guide, an alternate front-end to the archive itself.

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2 Responses to The return of

  1. Andrew Plotkin says:

    The even web-2.0wnier IF web site these days is

    (Not TADS-specific, despite the domain name.)

  2. Yeah, I just noticed that that link's on the main site but not my mirror. I just added it.

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