Zarf shall speak: Game Genre

An upcoming thing: I have been invited to participate in the University of Virginia Library's speaker series on digital scholarship. Nifty, eh? I will be giving a talk at UVA (Charlottesville) on April 22. I'm not sure of the exact location; I understand it's the "Digital Therapy" grad student luncheon series.

Game Genre and Game Interaction -- noon, April 22

This is not a huge sweeping tapestry of ludological theory; it's just my notes on what the heck we mean when we say "game genre". Show up if you want to hang out. There will be food, as befits a luncheon. Casual food, as befits grad students. If I know grad students, cookies are a good bet.

EDIT-ADD: It happened. Yay! See here for a link to the text.

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3 Responses to Zarf shall speak: Game Genre

  1. Cool... I went to U.Va., an spent many an hour in the Alderman library stacks.

  2. Clara says:

    Hey, Andrew, don't forget to post your notes after your talk, for those of us who won't have the chance to go to Virginia. :)

  3. Andrew Plotkin says:

    I will certainly be posting it (as an essay) after I get back.

    I suppose this wrecks my chances of going on a speaking tour and giving the same talk over and over. :)

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