Tetris in the Zeitgeist

Hey, remember Tetris? Check out these Tetris gameshelves! Except you'd have to stack them with holes on each level or else your games will disappear. Which reminds me of a recent favorite explodingdog drawing.

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6 Responses to Tetris in the Zeitgeist

  1. Those shelves are great. I love the extra touch of same-type tetrominoes having the same color backing.

    Side comment: I don't think "remember" is really the right word for Tetris. Even though it first appeared in the 1980s, it's not really an 80s video game, in the sense that Pac-Man or Donkey Kong are. It's so simple and pure that it continually gets re-released for new digital platforms, and it never feels like a "retro" game.

    Well-worn, yes. But it continues to offer a kind of fun for modern players that transcends nostalgia. Hmm... I'd even hypothesize that the age spread of expert Tetris players is flat across a 20-year span, in a way that no other video game can hope to match.

  2. Doug Orleans says:

    I dunno, when's the last time YOU played Tetris? In theory, it should be a timeless chestnut like minesweeper or freecell, but it hasn't been on my personal radar since I played it in the computer lab in college. (on Sun 4s running X10! I'm old!)

  3. echolocate chocolate says:

    I was going to say... remember Tetris? It probably has more implementations on more platforms than any other game going, except MAYBE tic-tac-toe and I'm not even sure about that.

    The DS version of Tetris is particularly excellent, not least because you could play a networked 8-player game from a single cartridge. Good case study in adding functionality to an existing game without destroying its essence.

  4. Yeah dude, I ponied up $30 to get the DS version only a couple of years ago. The Tetris machine rolls on. Or drops eternally. Or something.

  5. Andrew Plotkin says:

    Late and entirely by chance: Tetris ice cubes.


  6. Doug Orleans says:

    Nice. I bet they double as jello molds too.

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