Gameplay casting call: March 11

There'll be a Gameshelf gameplay shoot (the first of 2008!) on the evening of Tuesday, March 11, at the SCAT studio in Union Square, Somerville. Guest call is 7pm, and the shoot will last until 10pm. I am looking to have between five and eight guests lined up, so if you're already in my talent pool (that is, if I know who you are), and you're willing and able to attend, please let me know ASAP.

We'll be playing a bunch of games produced by Boston-area designers this time, including The Battle for Hill 218, Rochambeau Twist, and either Warp 6 or a surprise game. All are fast and lightweight and we should have no trouble fitting them all in. Still, I'd like to arrange some rehearsal beforehand so that everyone knows how to play, so please do contact me soon if you're interested in playing on the air.

If you're not in my talent pool, but would like to attend anyway just to see how the show works, you're welcome to visit! Just drop me a line first, so I'll know to expect you.

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