Martian 12s wins the winter IGDC

Congratulations to Avri Klemer for Martian 12s, the winner of the Winter 2008 Icehouse Game Design Competition. It is a gambling game for two to five players, and like all the entries in this materials-restricted competition, it requires two (and only two) Treehouse sets to play.

A round of applause from The Gameshelf for all twelve eight games entered into the contest! All are listed on the competition page, with links to each game's rules.

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2 Responses to Martian 12s wins the winter IGDC

  1. Doug Orleans says:

    D'oh, you stole my thunder, I was going to post about it. I guess I still can. (By the way, there were only eight games entered.)

  2. Bah, can't count. Fixed!

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