Welcome to the new Gameshelf homepage!

I checked out Movable Type 4 for a client's sake, as part of my day job as a software consultant. I liked it so much that I decided to learn the ropes by creating a new website The Gameshelf using MT4. The advances this software has made between the last time I looked at it (around 2004) are quite impressive!

It took a little work to get the podcasting features working properly, but everything should be up and running now. (Please comment if it seems otherwise!)

I'll be ramping down the blip.tv Gameshelf site - I grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of control I had with that site's presentation. Please consider http://gameshelf.jmac.org your one-stop shop for all things Gameshelf from now on.

Enjoy the show! (And if you do enjoy it, tell your friends to come visit!)

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