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Embittered Movie Review: "Metro Polis"

If you enjoy my game videos, perhaps you will like this. The idea for this literally woke me up in the pre-dawn hours last Saturday, and I found the time to put it together last night.

There actually is a game connection, here. I was inspired to try applying the attitude of certain contemporary reviewers of very old video games -- who often make little to no effort to place their comments in the games' historical context -- and apply it to a very old movie. It flew off the rails from there, of course, for the sake of comedy. But, there it is.

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Kandy-Kolored custom dinos and other stuff

Starting to edit footage for the next couple of Gameshelf episodes. This is the first time I've done editing since launching this blog, so expect me to post some fun scraps from the cutting room floor while I work.

While I'm here, lemme close a couple of tabs that have been open in my own RSS reader for a while:

evoboard.jpgOn Boardgame News, Mary Dimercurio Prasad writes about customizing board games by making her own pieces from polymer clay, and includes a HOWTO guide. I would totally play Evo again if I got to use those extra-cute dinos.

From Play This Thing we learn of Ulillillia, a young man who creates deeply analytical/obsessive videos of digital game play. He narrates them with a bright drawl and subtle humor that reminds me of coming across intriguing radio stations while driving around rural Maine at night. Here is his YouTube channel, which includes his 20-part walkthrough of Ultima: Exodus, amongst other things.

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Real-life M.U.L.E.

Amazing video of a quadruped robot, the "BigDog", created by Boston Dynamics. It can carry up to 340 pounds of pack-weight, and immediately reminded me of the title character from M.U.L.E.

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