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Winceful games-for-girls marketing

On Ian Bogost's Twitter feed, we find this striking photograph by Allison Moore of a Nintendo DS game retail rack: Yes, it's one little slice taken out of a greater visual context, and its true that I'd have no reaction...

Igel Ärgern on the DS

Continuing the apparent trend of German game designers colliding with the Nintendo DS (it's happened twice that I know of and therefore it is a trend, you see), Doris & Frank's Igel Ärgern has been ported to the hand-held...

The fool and his brain village

There's a planetary alignment of interesting puzzle games coming out this year. Professor Layton and the Curious Village for the DS is already out, and looks interesting. Apparently, while it does have a lightweight mystery-solving theme, it's mainly a collection...

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Today's timesink: Phantom Hourglass

A lot of really nice video games seem to have bubbled up lately, especially for Nintendo systems. There's the obvious new Mario game, and this Zak & Wiki thing for Wii seems to have gotten a lot of praise. The...

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