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Volity news

The Andys and I had a good Volity meeting last night. For the first time, the web client was in a state where it didn't shatter into dust the moment Zarf looked at it. This allowed us to do some...

More SimplyThreaded hacking

I have updated my patch for SimplyThreaded. While I spotted the runaway-quote bug last time, I didn't fix it as completely as I thought. Fixed now. This patch requires the URI::Escape Perl module, which you probably already have if you're...

My first MT hackery

So it turns out that the current version (v1.02) of SimplyThreaded silently fails if you preview your comment before posting it. This made me sad, so I wrote a patch for it, which I just mailed to the plugin's author...

Breaking comments

Awesome, I totally just smashed this blog's comment facility into tiny bits while trying to add functionality to threading (which, as it turns out, doesn't quite work as advertised - but more on that when I actually have it fixed)....

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