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Maxing out Brie, part 2

After a quadrupling of its RAM, my laptop can now run the VM and make requests against its Apache server without any noticeable pause for swap. Quite a dramatic improvement from Monday, when any context switch between the real and emulated systems made the poor lappie stagger about the room, clutching its chest and groaning.

I put the memory in yesterday after printing out this guide. As with its author, my first attempt resulted in a laptop that wouldn't start up, since the RAM modules don't seat easily - you have to push them very firmly, a little moreso than is obvious. I appreciated the reassuring observation.

While I was in the mode, decided to go ahead and pay a visit to the local Apple Store for a copy of Leopard, too. So that's running. So far I haven't used any of its new features, other than the feature of its breaking my ancient copy of VoodooPad, which I fixed with a $20 upgrade. (Not that I mind terribly; VP is one of my favorite applications. And, whee, it supports tabbed browsing now.)

On the downside of all this, my laptop appears to consume battery somewhat faster faster now, with my total unplugged lifespan dropping from about three to a little over two hours, if my battery gauge tells true. I dunno how much each factor of the denser RAM, the new OS, and my keeping VMWare running contributes to this. Shucks.

Maxing out Brie.

I have started a task for a new client whose development paradigm involves distributing a VMware file representing a complete FreeBSD system running the client's software. This is interesting, if slightly insane, and I'm willing to roll with it.

Sadly, my MacBook does not feel the same way. It still possesses the mere one gigabyte of RAM that held when it showed up on my doorstep last April, and it's being crushed under the weight of all the stuff happening on the virtual box.

So it came to pass that I placed an order for four phat new gigabytes from my friends at, which despite its cheesy name has been a fine RAM vendor to me in the past. I had a nice phone chat about compatibility with a clueful CSR named Mike just now, so I'm feeling extra-warm about them. Went ahead and requested priority overnight. Three cheers for business-expense tax write-offs!

Fun fact: a major selling point of the Mac Plus when it launched in 1986 was its inclusion of one full megabyte of RAM. And I remember chuckling when I first read that ten years ago, as I had just upgraded my PowerMac to 16 MB. Sixteen times as much memory capacity, little more than a decade later! O RLY.

I get to learn interesting new Perl stuff for this job, including Catalyst, Moose, and DBIx::Class. I enter the latter with an open if skeptical mind. Looking forward to seeing what happens.

(The title of this post references the name of my creamy white MacBook. I don't know first-hand of anyone else who uses cheese varieties as a machine naming scheme, which surprises me, in retrospect.)



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