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The Andys and I had a good Volity meeting last night. For the first time, the web client was in a state where it didn't shatter into dust the moment Zarf looked at it. This allowed us to do some fairly deep testing and location of edge cases, all of which I should be able to knock off pretty quickly, the next time I sit down for a WebGamut hacking session.

I now declare that the alpha release will happen sometime around the new year. The demo has to be flawless by then, but more importantly I've got a lot of documentation to create. When the demo is done, I shall do this with joy and vigor, so no worries there.

This beast will get off the ground. I've been living with Volity so long at this point - over four years now - that my relationship with it is like one with a person I've been sharing intimate quarters with. Sometimes everything is beautiful and we work together in concert and I couldn't be happier. Most of the time it's more mellow than that, a subtle appreciation. Once in a while we have an explosive fight that leaves us not speaking to each other for a while. But we always find reason to patch things up and get back together.

I'm sorry for calling you a beast, honey. You know what I meant. Here's to four more years together. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this project.

Aside - I really like that Zarf has picked his Boodler soundscape-generator project back up. He started it at the beginning of this decade, put tons of work on it, enough to put up a webpage with some demo stuff to play with, then let it cool for a long time. This year he picked it back up again, recasting it as an open-source project, and it's been steaming forward since, with the help of various project contributors. An inspirational case!



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