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Volity news

The Andys and I had a good Volity meeting last night. For the first time, the web client was in a state where it didn't shatter into dust the moment Zarf looked at it. This allowed us to do some fairly deep testing and location of edge cases, all of which I should be able to knock off pretty quickly, the next time I sit down for a WebGamut hacking session.

I now declare that the alpha release will happen sometime around the new year. The demo has to be flawless by then, but more importantly I've got a lot of documentation to create. When the demo is done, I shall do this with joy and vigor, so no worries there.

This beast will get off the ground. I've been living with Volity so long at this point - over four years now - that my relationship with it is like one with a person I've been sharing intimate quarters with. Sometimes everything is beautiful and we work together in concert and I couldn't be happier. Most of the time it's more mellow than that, a subtle appreciation. Once in a while we have an explosive fight that leaves us not speaking to each other for a while. But we always find reason to patch things up and get back together.

I'm sorry for calling you a beast, honey. You know what I meant. Here's to four more years together. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this project.

Aside - I really like that Zarf has picked his Boodler soundscape-generator project back up. He started it at the beginning of this decade, put tons of work on it, enough to put up a webpage with some demo stuff to play with, then let it cool for a long time. This year he picked it back up again, recasting it as an open-source project, and it's been steaming forward since, with the help of various project contributors. An inspirational case!

More SimplyThreaded hacking

I have updated my patch for SimplyThreaded. While I spotted the runaway-quote bug last time, I didn't fix it as completely as I thought. Fixed now. This patch requires the URI::Escape Perl module, which you probably already have if you're running MT.

Also added a feature: when you click "Reply" your view drops down to the comment-leaving form, even if you're not logged in (in which case you see the invitation to log in or leave an anonymous comment). Past behavior had the app simply ignore your clicking of "Reply" if you weren't logged in. That isn't good UI response.

I'll let it run a few days and then contact the author. Please let me know if you encounter any comment-leaving anomalies.

I've also activated the comment email notifcication thingy, explaining the new checkbox you see when you leave comments now.

My first MT hackery

So it turns out that the current version (v1.02) of SimplyThreaded silently fails if you preview your comment before posting it. This made me sad, so I wrote a patch for it, which I just mailed to the plugin's author (and posted on the author's support forum). I also installed it on here, so that should work now, and please let me know if it doesn't.

(The patch also addresses a potential runaway-quote bug in the JavaScript that it generates, if someone's name has an apostrophe in it. I will henceforth call this the O'Reilly Bug.)

That I could do this as rapidly as I did, never having been exposed to MT plugin source before, is fairly awesome, and gives me another reason to love Movable Type.

Remaining LiveJournal-to-MT4 migratory projects:

  • Importing all my old LJ entries - "easy" but not trivial. Will involve some Perl-n-XML hackery. And I also have to decide whether I want all those old entries here. (Probably.)

  • Making comment subscription work.

Breaking comments

Awesome, I totally just smashed this blog's comment facility into tiny bits while trying to add functionality to threading (which, as it turns out, doesn't quite work as advertised - but more on that when I actually have it fixed).

I have a better understanding of why Boing Boing and Making Lights' comments snap in half all the time while the rest of the blog features stay aloft. Movable Type seems to have an odd sort of duality with posts versus comments.

Update: Fixed, I think, with my intended improvement in place. Full nerdly explanation later. There's a bit of open-source lurrrv going on here.



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