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[Boston] PR-IF Meetup Tuesday, April 19

The next PR-IF meetup will take place on Tuesday, April 19, starting at 6:30 at the Trope Tank, 14N-233 at MIT. Some potential topics include:
  • Spring Thing entries have been released. We'll probably at least mention this.
  • PAX East postmortem.
  • Cambridge Science Festival.
  • Possible talk/demo of common-sense AI stuff.
Afterwards, usually around 8:00 or so, we'll head over to the Cambridge Brewing Company for food and/or drinks. Newcomers welcome, even if you don't know anything about interactive fiction. We also have a mailing list you can join to hear about events and whatnot.

[Boston] PR-IF Meetup Today

The next PR-IF meetup is today at 6:30 in the Trope Tank, 14N-233 at MIT. IF you’d like more timely notices in the future, you can join our mailing list.

Potential topics include:

  • the new
  • PAX East
  • IF Theory book update
  • Zarfhome Software Consulting, LLC update
  • scheduling the next Grue Street
  • scheduling the next playing group
  • Cambridge Science Festival update
  • a talk about an AI project
Afterwards, some subset usually heads to the CBC for food and/or drinks and further conversation (usually somewhat less IF-related).

New faces always welcome. Hope to see you there!

The People's Republic of Interactive Fiction presents a Special Halloween Event: The Lurking Horror

Get ready for Halloween and come to play The Lurking Horror, an interactive fiction piece that brings Lovecraftian horrors to G.U.E. Tech, a fictional version of MIT. Dave Lebling, author of The Lurking Horror and Zork, also an MIT alumn, will join us as we fight the creatures of the Unspeakable. After playing, we will offer a campus tour of the different locations that are (approximately) in the game.

If you have not played interactive fiction (a.k.a. text adventures) before, this is your chance to learn the basics. If you already know how to play, come and experience how fun it is to play interactive fiction with a room full of people. If you've heard the call of Cthulhu, this is the place to be.

The event will also be broadcast online via ustream.

We've got four other IF events coming in the next two weeks. We announced these earlier, but now the times and locations are set:

Collaborative IF Playing Event

  • Thursday, October 21st, 7:30 pm until everyone's done having fun
  • Tufts, Center for Scientific Visualization, Anderson Hall -- the Viswall
  • Flourish Klink and the PR-IF crew will present several IF games to play in groups. The game is up on a projector screen; somebody reads, somebody types, and everybody can shout out suggestions. We've done this a couple of times at MIT, and it's a lot of fun. (List of games to be announced.)

PR-IF Meetup

  • Monday, October 25th, 6:30 until we're hungry
  • MIT 14N-233
  • Our regular monthly meetup. We will look at this year's IFComp entries, watch a surprise video, and discuss whatever else is up in the IF world.

IF Writer's Workshop

  • Wednesday, October 27th, 7:30 - 9:30 pm
  • Tufts Mayer Campus Center -- the large conference room
  • I (Andrew Plotkin) and the PR-IF crew will host an IF writer's workshop. Please bring a work in progress! (Any amount of progress, even just an opening room. Any IF platform.) We will try out each work for a few minutes, and then discuss how it plays.

Clara Fernández-Vara on Storytelling in Games

  • Thursday, October 28st, 6:00 - 7:15 pm
  • Tufts Halligan 111A
  • Clara Fernández-Vara (GAMBIT Lab, MIT) gives a guest lecture for Ming Chow's Game Development class. It is open to the public. This is not specifically about IF, but about narrative in game design in general.

[Boston] People's Republic of IF Meetup, Monday, September 27

Our September meetup will be on Monday, September 27, at the usual time (6:30, with migration to CBC for food/drink around 8 or so) and at the usual place (the Trope Tank, aka 14N-233 on the MIT campus). We don’t have any kind of official agenda as of yet, but here are some things we might discuss:

  • Aaron Reed’s book is out, so we’ll probably discuss it some.
  • The Tufts University IF month is coming up (October), and various of us are helping out in various ways, so we’ll probably discuss that.
  • And, as usual, we’ll likely just yammer on about IF in particular and games in general.
Everyone is welcome, no matter your experience level with IF. If you have something particular you’d like to discuss or share with the group, feel free to do so. Note that we also have a mailing list, which is linked from our website.

[Boston] People's Republic of IF Meetup, Monday, August 30

Our August meetup will be on Monday, August 30, at 6:30 in 14N-233 at the MIT campus. See our website for more details about the group. This month’s agenda:

  • We’ll be the first to check out a new adventure game from GAMBIT.
  • We may check out a few bits of GET LAMP.
  • If it’s out in time, we’ll likely flip through some of the new book on writing IF, Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7.
  • We’ll play the IntroComp 2010 games that we didn’t get to last month, and we’ll discuss the results of the competition (which came out this past weekend).
  • If our Tufts contingent is represented, we’ll talk about how planning for IF month at Tufts (October) is coming along.
As usual, around 8 or 8:30, we’ll head over to the CBC to continue the discussion over food and/or drinks.

All are welcome, and please feel free to come with your own suggestions for things to do/discuss.

People's Republic of IF Meetup, Monday, July 26

It’s that time again. We’ll be having our monthly meetup at 6:30 on Monday, July 26, at the MIT campus in 14N-233. See our website for more details about the group. On the agenda so far we have:

  • Talk about how Zarf’s Readercon talk went and what we might want to do regarding other local conventions.
  • Take a look at some of the IntroComp games.
  • Talk about what we might want to do for PAX East 2011 (it’s been confirmed for Boston for the next 3 years).
  • Watch the latest Gameshelf episode! We’ll be watching the YouTube-sized Gameshelf #8: Modern Interactive Fiction.
As usual, we’ll head to Cambridge Brewing Company afterwards (usually around 8:00 or 8:30) for food and/or drink and more informal discussion.

And as always, everyone is welcome, even if you don’t know anything about interactive fiction and just want to sit and observe.

[Boston] PR-IF June Meetup, June 28, plus extras

Distant early warning for our June meetup, since we (read "I") have been a bit late lately getting the meeting time settled. So, our next monthly meetup will be on Monday, June 28, at 6:30 in Nick Montfort's office at MIT, 14N-233. Agenda to be determined, but we'll likely talk about a couple of June conferences/meetings that will have taken place, the ELO_AI conference and @party. All are welcome, regardless of your experience with or knowledge of interactive fiction. Afterwards, usually around 8:00 or 8:30, we head over to the CBC for food and/or drinks.

I'm sure we'll also be talking about two PR-IF splinter groups that will have met for the first time. This Sunday is Grue Street, the first meeting of an IF writer's group. And then on the day before the meetup, Sunday June 27, we'll have the first meeting of an IF reader's/player's group. Links to information on both of these (as well as a link to our mailing list) can be found on our website.

[Boston] PR-IF (aka Boston IF) Meetup, May 3

Time again for the monthly PR-IF meetup. We'll be meeting on Monday, May 3, at 6:30 in Nick Montfort's office at MIT, 14N-233. On the agenda for this month is talk about the new release of Inform 7 (if it is out by then) and some play of the TWIFcomp entries (for which voting will be over by then), some of which are by people who will be in attendance at the meeting.

As usual, we'll head over to the CBC for food and/or drink afterwards (we usually head over there around 8 or 8:30).

All are welcome. If you've got something you'd like to show off or suggest that we all play or look at or discuss or whatever, please feel free.

[Boston] PR-IF (aka Boston IF) Meetup, April 12

We're post-PAX, and we should all be fully recovered by Monday, April 12. Come join us at 6:30 in Nick Montfort's office at MIT, 14N-233.

The big news is that we're now officially the People's Republic of Interactive Fiction, and we have a cool new website, thanks to the efforts of Michael Hilborn and Andrew Plotkin. Mostly what's there now are meeting announcements and a big red "PLAY" button where you can play a sampling of IF games on the web.

Right now, it looks like the meetup will mostly focus on PAX and the website. Here's a tentative agenda:

  • Talk about PAX. Lots of good stuff happened there, so there will be lots to talk about.
  • Talk about the PRIF Hospitality Suite. This was the focus of IF activity at PAX, and it was certainly the best part of PAX for a lot of us.
  • Play some of the PAX Speed IF games. There was a Speed IF run at PAX, where 9 games were made in a short amount of time.
  • Discuss the PRIF website. Now that we've got our spiffy new website, what do we want to do with it? There was a lot of talk at PAX about IF outreach, and maybe we can find a way to fit into that.

As usual, we'll head to the Cambridge Brewing Company after the meetup to continue the conversation over food and/or drink.

[Boston] Boston IF Meetup, Tuesday, March 2

It's that time again. Boston IF Meetup at Nick Montfort's office at MIT, 14N-233. Tuesday, March 2, 6:30. After chatting and whatnot, we'll head over to the Cambridge Brewing Company for food and/or drink.

Two specific things we're likely to talk about:

  • PAX East plans (PAX is less than a month away).
  • The recently finished Jay Is Games IF competition (where our very own Andrew Plotkin tied for second!).
All are welcome.

[Boston] Boston IF Meetup, Monday, February 8

We took a little break in January, but we're back. All are welcome at the Boston Interactive Fiction Meetup on Monday, February 8, 6:30 PM, in Nick Montfort's office at MIT (14N-233). We have a few things on the agenda:

Per usual, we'll also likely head over to the Cambridge Brewing Company for food/drink afterward.

Boston IF Meetup: Monday, December 21

It's that time again. Please join us for the monthly Boston IF Meetup on Monday, December 21, at 6:30 at MIT in 14N-233.

This month, we'll take a look at the Textfyre game The Shadow in the Cathedral, and we may also see a work-in-progress game or two. And of course there will be the usual general chit-chat about IF and games in general.

As usual, we'll head over to the Cambridge Brewing Company after a while for food/drink.

Boston IF Meetup, Tuesday, November 24

Time again for the Boston IF Meetup. All are welcome. It's going to be Tuesday, November 24 (2 days before Thanksgiving). As always, it's at 6:30 at MIT in 14N-233.

This month we have at least two items on the agenda for sure:

  • looking at the beginning (roughly the first two minutes of play) of each of the IF Comp games
  • discussing a potential Boston IF label/comp

Other potential agenda items include:

After sitting around for 2 hours or so, we'll head over to CBC for some food and/or drink.

Boston IF Meetup, Tuesday, October 27

It's Boston IF Meetup time again. This time, bucking tradition, it's on a Tuesday, not a Monday. Come join us on Tuesday, October 27, at 6:30 in The Trope Tank (14N-233 at MIT). We have two people talking this month:

  • Andrew (aka Zarf) will be talking about procedural text generation, using room descriptions in his game Hunter, In Darkness as an example (go play it if you haven't). Late-breaking news: he's also working on a second example in Javascript.
  • Michael (aka Mike) will be showing off and talking about the games he made for IFWM earlier this year (IFWM was the impetus for the Boston IF Meetups (Meetsup?)).
There will, I'm sure, also be the usual talk about games in general, and I'm sure there will be at least some mention of the competition that's happening right now and that I'm not discussing in public. Usually around 8 or 8:30, we head over to Cambridge Brewing Company for food and/or drinks.

This is free (except for food and/or drinks) and open to the public. Please feel free to come by and talk, listen, or present (if you're planning to present, some heads-up to me might be nice before the actual presentation, but it's not strictly necessary).

Boston IF Meetup, September 28, 6:30

For those in the Boston area (or those who will be in the Boston area on September 28), you are cordially invited to attend the monthly Boston IF Meetup. We've been meeting for the past 6 months, and we've got a pretty steady core group (which includes 4 Gameshelfers). We usually just randomly chat about IF (interactive fiction) and games in general. Sometimes we have something more focused, like when we played the commercial IF game Jack Toresal and the Secret Letter, or when Nick demonstrated his IF system Curveship to us.

So, please come to the next meetup, which is Monday, September 28, at 6:30 PM, in Nick Montfort's office at MIT (14N-233). We have two main items on the agenda.

  1. Andrew Plotkin, aka Zarf, award-winning IF author of such games as Spider and Web, A Change in the Weather, and So Far, will be presenting a new work-in-progress that he describes as a "kung fu text adventure." [Zarf adds in comments: "By the way, my game demo is an experiment in a particular way of handling combat interaction in an IF game. So I want to let people play the game (jointly) for a little while, and then talk about why I did what I did, whether it worked, etc."]
  2. First-time IF author Kevin Jackson-Mead (that's me) will be showing off his first entry into the annual Interactive Fiction Competition, where he hopes to place not-last.
Other than that, we'll just chat about IF and games in general, depending on where conversation takes us. Afterward, usually around 8:30, we head over to the Cambridge Brewing Company for some food and/or drink to continue the chatting.

RSVP not necessary, but if you feel like joining our mailing list and saying hello, please do. And if you can't make this month's meetup, we'll be doing it again every month.



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