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Back home

Back home. I felt bad about my previous post, driving back. The blog represents a fresh restart of my blogging/journaling existence, and whining like a teenager about my parents and brothers fails to set a good precedent.

All that said, this really might be the last time I do this. Amy and I just talked about it, and we agreed that my maximum family exposure time is a three-hour meal-taking visit of the sort that she and I shared with them during our Maine vacation last October. Seeing me makes them so happy, but staying with them makes me so miserable.

But the thing about Christmas is that it comes but once a year, and that's just enough time for me to forget about the last year's visit and let myself be overcome by the need to make my parents happy, again. Dunno.

Merry Heavily Qualified Xmas

Found unexpected unlocked WiFi, accessible only from the corner of my parents' room. As usual, Xmas here is a soup of frustration with cold chunks of grace floating in. The current crisis is Ricky refusing to eat any dinner because he caught dad spooning extra butter into the food before it went in the oven. Dad denied it (while holding the buttery spoon) and then went outside to sulk. When I went upstairs some minutes later to investigate better WiFi spots, mom triumphantly proclaimed to Ricky that his awful behavior had driven me away.

Every day is like this, with them; the only thing that makes Xmas special is that I'm here, too.

This year everyone hates the Chinese. Mom wrote "From China" on all the presents she gave, as a way of grumbling over perceived trade imbalance, and speculating on the gifts' lead content. And this has potential for actual biting humor, but then she goes and rails in all sincerity about how everything is made in China now and how we clearly lost the Cold War and I remind you this is a woman who buys everything in Marden's or Wal-Mart. I am refraining from having any conversation with her on this topic.

But my dad liked Wii Sports bowling so much he wanted to play twice, so that was pretty good. Talked to Peter and Aunt Jan on the phone.

I'll be returning tonight.

Christmas break

I'll be offline for a day or two while I make my annual Christmas visit to my 1960s-tech-level family in Fairfield, Maine. They are like unto a museum exhibit, a living piece of history. This is why I tolerate their ceaseless yet period-appropriate racist and panaphobic speech, which would make any of my bleeding-heart friends' hair turn white upon exposure.

I will attempt to lighten my visit by bringing games. Ricky enjoys playing Memoir 44, but last year's attempt to play it with him ended prematurely and poorly, as he used its theme (WWII) to start ranting about the WoT. So I am steering clear of militaristic subjects this time, and opting to bring Bohnanza, which I haven't played in ages and my family might actually both understand and like. Ricky, if he plays, will play according to however the UFOs tell him to, but the game supports this strategy.

All that said, my Zipcar reservation lasts only 48 hours, so I am guaranteed an out before things get too twitchy. I also made a late-night run to the Harvard Bookstore to pick up the second collection of the Brust saga, so I won't go insane from boredom from lack of internets.

I wish a most Merry Christmas to those who desire one!



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