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Administrivia: We cleaned up the comments feed

The Gameshelf has long featured an RSS feed of comments. We have enough (excellent and lovely) readers to continually collect insightful public response, but too few readers to have long threads rapidly appear on most posts. The comments feed provides a nice way to catch all the conversation here despite its relaxed pace.

Unfortunately, one of the less-nice outcomes from this blog’s recent transition from Movable Type to Melody was the old comment-spam filter failing to make the jump across. This resulted in the comments feed becoming rather less readable than it used it be; even though our CAPTCHA keeps the bots out, we still get a trickle of lovingly hand-pasted spam from one SEO-stained wretch or another making their daily rounds.

Thanks to some helpful folks manning the Melody support desk, I managed to get TypePad AntiSpam off the ground, and it’s been running successfully for several days. So, please feel free to subscribe — or resubscribe, if the spam had already chased you away.

SEO spammers: the door's over there

While Captchas make our comments sections reasonably proofed against automated spam, lately we've had a spate of SEO wankers visiting us. These folks make carefully handcrafted spam, manually posted, that serve only to provide backlinks to their clients' webpages. The idea is that, by sprinkling this URL across many different blogs, they can trick Google et al into thinking that people all over the internet are casually linking to their website. They probably charge at least as much for this per hour as I do in my own consulting job.

I've just modified the text that appears over posts' comment forms to state that folks posting only for SEO reasons are wasting their time, since Zarf or I will delete the URLs from obvious SEO comments as soon as we see them. (We will also delete the comments entirely, if the commenter didn't even try to be on-topic with the related post.)

Another reason to get done with LJ

I now have two LiveJournal "friends" (friend-ofs, really) who are transparent shills for shady credit card companies. And who delete all comments discussing their shilliness. Both get free links to their phony blogs on my userpage there.

OK, I just went into my LJ preferences and shut off the listing of friend-ofs on my userpage. I am still sad that I had to turn off a feature in order to stop spammers from exploiting it.

This is the sort of thing that would make me grumble and shrug if LJ was my sole blogging option, but now I can point to it and shout with righteous there!-you-see?-ness. Viz this post.

Speaking of spammers exploiting features, I have just shut off the need to moderate anonymous comments here, since my receipt of comment-notification email seems spotty. Grumble... shrug. (And remember that if you have an LJ account, you can use it to sign into this blog for commenting purposes.)

Comments should be more open now.

The first few entries here are probably doomed to be about the blog itself, while I shuffle around knocking things over in my unfamiliar new space.

A friend told me via LJ that when she tried to comment on my previous entry, she was stymied by a registration screen. In response I have activated the ability to log into this blog via any LiveJournal, OpenID, or TypeKey account you might already possess. You can also create a new account here if you want, or comment anonymously.

A little nervous about that latter option, since the last time I ran a Movable Type blog - some of you may recall my shared "media log" from a few years ago - it very quickly became swamped with spam, and before long the effort required to regularly log in and bail out each entry's comments section outweighed any fun to be had from running the blog.

MT4 is much better about spam control (and user control in general) than previous iterations of the software, but we'll see what happens.



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