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Winceful games-for-girls marketing

On Ian Bogost's Twitter feed, we find this striking photograph by Allison Moore of a Nintendo DS game retail rack:

Yes, it's one little slice taken out of a greater visual context, and its true that I'd have no reaction either way to seeing any one of these titles sitting by itself. (And you won't hear me saying boo about Peggle, in any case.) But it's still hard to look at this particular picture and not think of another culturally representative game, albeit one from over 40 years ago...

Miles to go.

Another reason to get done with LJ

I now have two LiveJournal "friends" (friend-ofs, really) who are transparent shills for shady credit card companies. And who delete all comments discussing their shilliness. Both get free links to their phony blogs on my userpage there.

OK, I just went into my LJ preferences and shut off the listing of friend-ofs on my userpage. I am still sad that I had to turn off a feature in order to stop spammers from exploiting it.

This is the sort of thing that would make me grumble and shrug if LJ was my sole blogging option, but now I can point to it and shout with righteous there!-you-see?-ness. Viz this post.

Speaking of spammers exploiting features, I have just shut off the need to moderate anonymous comments here, since my receipt of comment-notification email seems spotty. Grumble... shrug. (And remember that if you have an LJ account, you can use it to sign into this blog for commenting purposes.)



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