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Stress and relaxation

Which of these games is not like the other? Answer: both of them!

...That's a Zen joke. Here, let me fill your bathtub with brightly colored sleep furiously.

Here's the blurb for Zen Bound:

Zen Bound is a calm and meditative puzzle game about wrapping wooden sculptures with rope. A game in which a high score is not the goal - instead it is something to focus on and enjoy at your own relaxed pace.

...And here's the lead-in for Canabalt:

Tap to start your daring escape.

Bit of a difference in focus there, right?

These blurbs do not lie. In Zen Bound, you rotate your iPhone to wrap a rope around wooden blocks. There's no time limit. The soundtrack (by Ghost Monkey) is a slow, cool-and-smooth jazzy relaxation. You cannot die. You cannot lose.

In Canabalt, you sprint across the rooftops of a city that is being pulverized by giant robots. Let me say that again: pulverized by giant robots. Bombs fall around you, buildings crumble underfoot. You will eventually slip and fall. The soundtrack (by Danny Baranowsky) is a buzzing, thumping techno mix which puts the wind at your back. You cannot slow down. You cannot survive.

So, which of these games is relaxing to play?

For Andrew: Robot Unicorn Attack

This one is for Andrew and for all the other Canabalt lovers out there. Robot Unicorn Attack is a Canabalt clone by Adult Swim Games.

As you might have guessed, instead of a man, you're a robot unicorn. You also have a few more controls. You can double-jump, and you can do a "rainbow dash" through giant star obstacles.

A lot of nice little touches both visually and aurally, but the thing that will continue to be with me throughout the rest of the day is the soundtrack, "Always" by Erasure.


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