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Experimental Gameplay Project @ Target

Continuing the subject of competitions, I learn from David Swift's blog not only about the existence of the Experimental Gameplay Project, but the fact that several of the games are now on sale in the US at Target stores, paired with thematically appropriate T-Shirts, for $12 each. Wow!

The EGP is an open-ended challenge for computer game developers to - working alone - create a game in seven days or fewer, and the game must show off a central play mechanic that hasn't quite been seen before.

(I grumble a bit that, throughout the website, "game" is understood to mean "digital game" and further understood to mean "game for computers running Windows". But only a bit, coz it's a great concept. And it's not like I don't have a copy of VMWare on my MacBook, for situations such as these...)

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