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Speaking of SF

I have a totally bomb-ass mystery hunt plot idea. I have already shared it on my team's mailing list - somewhat ill-advised, since by the time IIF wins some of our current team is statistically likely to have migrated to other teams. On the other hand, any actual implementation of the idea will almost certainly end up looking quite different. (Julia and I have already been chatting about interesting variations.)

I'll just say that it's high time for another SF-themed hunt. ACME (containing, at the time, the core of today's IIF) did a bang-up Matrix hunt in 2003, and 2005 had a light-hearted superhero hunt. I really wanna help put one together in 2010!

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Post-hunt stuff

Today went past in an eyeblink. Slept late, made and drank my own coffee while lounging for an hour in my own living room, then trundled to the Hunt wrap with Amy for all of that. Had the traditional post-wrap dinner at the Uno's near me with half the team. Poof, dark out, and now its 8.

Hunt recovery will do that to you.

We fell short of making it into the endgame. Really, we didn't come close. Our pace was pretty good, but we were completely overwhelmed with unsolved puzzles by Sunday afternoon. They were hard this year, and there was a lot of them. I personally found it hard to concentrate on any one puzzle, and never really got interested in the whole structure, though that's an entirely subjective complaint that the rest of my team didn't reflect.

Sure I had fun, though - thank you, Dr. Awkward and company!! With a day between me and the coin getting found (congrats again to the Bombers) my appetite for solving's definitely come back. I think I'll be tearing into the latest P&A shortly.

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Long Mystery Hunt is Loooong

It's almost noon on Sunday and we haven't been told to go home yet. The last couple have ended shortly after I caught the last T out of Kendall on Saturday night, so yes.

On the other hand I just got back to our HQ in building 26, after going home at 4am to sleep and warsh and eat. So, it's been an unusual hunt. I'll have more to say when it's over.

Thanks again to folks around the country that I bugged for the sake of one particular puzzle, on Friday night.

Wish us luck!

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And so we move into my final year in this marketing demographic. (The U.S. Census Bureau will consider me middle-aged next year!)

Due to this week's nuttiness I may end up doing nuthin tonight, through probably I will do one thing or another or both tomorrow. And for years I have considered the mystery hunt to be my birthday observed, so that is excellent. (I think this is the first time the two events have happened more than a day apart, since I started hunting.)

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I have a busy week ahead of me.

The MIT Mystery Hunt is only a few days away. I'm determined to get as much money-work as I can done before then; there is a backlog, with end-conditions in reach. There won't be much Volity or Gameshelf progress, despite so much I want to do in both. (Though maybe I'll squeeze more in if put the video games away for now...)

Some of my team (Immoral, Illegal, and Fattening, Attorneys at Law) gathered at MIT Saturday night to practice, breaking up into groups of four and then running through a shorter puzzle extravaganza. (It was this one, actually, by Dan Katz.) I was on fire, solving three puzzles alone, and helping to finish up a couple more. My puzzle-fu has never been stronger, and I was pleased when another group still finished well ahead of us, suggesting that our whole team is really well poised this year. (That group contained a hunt veteran who is joining our team this year, so that's exciting too.)

I hope that we at least make it into the endgame, which would be a first for IIF. I was last night reading the 2006 hosting team's description of that year's endgame, and filled with fear and desire.

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