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Quick note: I just set up a comments feed, which you'll also find linked from the sidebar. Lemme know if it doesn't seem to work for you.

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The Gameshelf Blog

Announcing The Gameshelf Blog, a new community of intelligent-if-eclectic game news and discussion. I hope that it will fill out the long and dreary spaces between new Gameshelf episodes with interesting game-related tidbits that share the show's spirit.

I've invited everyone whose name has appeared in an episode's credit roll to join the site as a contributor. I went by memory so it's entirely possible I overlooked you (or your mail client ate the invitation as spam); if that's the case, and you want to help, please contact me!

Yes, it's the same URL that the show has held for years. I quietly replaced the static site with blog software a few months ago, and more recently redesigned it so that a link to the most recent episode will always appear at the top. The blog and the episode videos have separate RSS feeds, too. (Rather, one's a subset of the other.)

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The all-new Gameshelf Blog!

Before we start producing this year's crop of new shows - yes, I expect to actually make more than two! - I am pleased to announce the launch of the Gameshelf Blog. I've invited all the folks who have ever appeared in the show's credits to create an account here and share news in the Gameshelf spirit.

My goal is to foster our own little community of intelligent, if somewhat eclectic, game news and discussion. Expect interesting nuggets of notes and insights that the web's game-media core overlooks. And, hey, it will give you something to read while waiting for the next episode of The Gameshelf to appear.

We're all about two-way discussion here, so all posts are commentable! To post comments, you can create a free account, use an existing Livejournal / OpenID / TypeKey account, or post anonymously - but in that latter case we'll hold it for moderation before it shows up.

Please note the shiny new RSS feed that features every post on this blog, nicely complementing the existing RSS feed to only the epsiode videos. Enjoy!

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