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I keep meaning to post a long post all about how cool Strange Synergy is, but here's just a little post right now.

One of the things I really like about Strange Synergy is the game-design aspect. In the beginning, you are randomly dealt a number of power cards (things like "Zorch Ball" and "Mental Crush" and "Smoke Bombs" and "Rubber Body"), and you have to assign those powers to your team of three characters. The rules say that you get nine cards and give three to each character, but I've found that I like giving each player fifteen cards, of which they get to give three to each character. This has a few benefits, one of which is evening things out a little bit, as you can sometimes get stuck with a really crappy set of cards and get completely dominated by another player with better cards.

The other benefit is that you actually get to feel like you're doing a bit of game design before you play the game. You get to decide what your characters' powers are, figure out which combinations will work best, how each character will complement the rest of the team, etc. And then you get to test out your design by actually playing the game.

I would like to find more of these kinds of games, where there is a design element incorporated into the game. If there are enough interesting ones, I kind of hope that I can suggest that these all be pulled together as a theme for a future Gameshelf episode.

So, anyone have suggestions for other games to add to this list?

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